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We offer a straightforward approach to integrate Greenspace with your EHR/EMR system. While Greenspace can be successfully implemented as a stand-alone platform, an integration can help create a more seamless experience for providers, administrative staff and patients.

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How We Integrate

Greenspace can integrate with your EHR/EMR system in two ways:

We Lead the Way

Our team manages the process from start to finish, with the ability to provide a seamless integration into any system using a standards-based framework - including more than 85 EHR/EMR systems already connected to our integration engine. We’ll take the burden off your team so that you can focus on what you do best; delivering high quality care.

You Lead the Way

Greenspace provides an open API that organizations can build against directly - either with an in-house IT team or in collaboration with an EHR/EMR vendor. Our team will support this process and work collaboratively to ensure that you’re set up for success.

Integration Options

Greenspace can integrate with almost any system. There are more than 85 EHR/EMR systems already connected to our integration engine, including the few highlighted below. Don’t see yours here? We can help, reach out to discuss integrating with a different system.


Integration Features

We will work with you to ensure your integration is successful and the process is seamless. Below are some of the key features that we’ve built into our approach.

Automatic Patient Registration

Patients will be automatically created in Greenspace, and remain updated between Greenspace and your EHR/EMR. This will help eliminate duplicate documentation, improve efficiency and more seamlessly introduce MBC to new patients.

Sharing of Assessment Results

Assessment data will be sent back to your EHR, along with insights and reports. This will maintain a single patient record and ensure that this important information is accessible to the whole care team.

Bi-Directional Data Flow

Additional patient information can be shared between Greenspace and your EHR. This might include demographics or SDOH information. Teams can leverage this information to strengthen their outcome data, insights, and reporting.


Providers can leverage existing login credentials to access Greenspace (such as Azure AD). We can use OAuth2.0 with OpenID Connect, SAML 2.0, or Smart on FHIR to support federated authentication via Single-Sign-On.

highest security standards

Trusted and Secure Standards

We leverage health data standards like FHIR and HL7, as well as proprietary APIs to ensure a fast and secure exchange of health information. Greenspace is also HIPPA, PIPEDA and PHIPA compliant and SOC 2 Type II Certified.


Full Service Approach

Our team can handle everything from the Kick-Off Call to Launch, including any customization work needed. This allows us to make integration accessible for any organization, regardless of their IT resources.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to integrate our EHR/EMR with Greenspace?

The integration process takes about 6-10 weeks from Kick-Off, depending on the availability of all parties involved, and the scope of customization work requested.

What framework does Greenspace support for integrations?

The Greenspace Platform is designed to work alongside other technology systems, including electronic health records, electronic medical records, case management systems and closed loop referral systems. The Platform does not replace or replicate these systems, but rather enhances a team’s ability to deliver quality coordinated care with its core focus on measurement, client engagement and evaluation. Greenspace can be implemented as both a standalone or integrated solution – enabled via a standards-based frameworks such as HL7 and FHIR, proprietary REST API or other methods such as SFTP.

Does Greenspace have an open API?

Yes. Greenspace provides an open API for teams that would like to directly build an integration with our system (or do so in collaboration with an EHR/EMR vendor).

The Greenspace API provides programmatic access to your organization’s data. Our API is organized around REST and provides resource-oriented endpoints. Responses are returned in JSON format using standard HTTP response codes.

Reach out if you would like access to our API documentation.

What EHRs/EMRs does Greenspace integrate with?

We can integrate with almost any system and are already connected to more than 85 EHR/EMR systems. Please reach out to explore an integration with your EHR/EMR system.

Can Greenspace be integrated into a data warehouse, such as Tableau or Microsoft Power BI? Or with another system that is not an EHR/EMR?

Yes. Organizations will typically leverage our open API to programmatically flow information from Greenspace to a data warehouse, such as Tableau, Power BI, or to other systems that are not a traditional EHR/EMR. Our team can support this process and work collaboratively with your organization.

Reach out if you would like access to our API documentation.

Does Greenspace maintain security practices in line with industry best practices and Canadian standards?

Security of patient information and privacy is the foundation of the Greenspace platform. We take this responsibility very seriously and have implemented significant measures to safeguard patients’ personal health information that exceed industry standards and best practices. Greenspace is SOC 2 Type II compliant and conforms to digital and physical security protocols (including HIPAA), with SSL-secured access, AES encryption at the filesystem level, and firewalls protecting all data. We take many additional precautions to protect privacy including: requiring strong passwords, automatic logouts, automatic access logging, secured data backups, two factor authentication and restrictive data access procedures. All data and information is stored in the US. Please review our Security Page for more details.


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